Computer Glasses – The Perfect Way to Reduce Eye Strain

Not all glasses are the same. Yes, we are talking about computer glasses which aren’t the same as the normal glasses. If you want to know about glasses for computer and readers, there are some major differences.

At times, you may get confused while choosing the right glasses suitable for a particular moment.

Well, this article will help you clear the confusion and understand the different options available to decide on. You will be able to decide when you need computer eyeglasses and when you would need readers.

Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses

Help reduce the strain on your eyes and protect from the screen glare reflected

Whether you are into business or employed in an organization, working on the computer is the need of the hour.

In the process, you may spend a lot of time working on the computer, Smartphone, tablet or any other electronic device.

The excessive exposure of eyes to the screen makes your eyes dry and tired. This happens due to the light being emitted from the screen. The light emitted from the screens is also known as “Blue light” which causes tiredness in your eyes.

After prolonged use of computers, laptops, mobile screens, etc., your face issues like watery eyes, headaches, etc.

How do computer glasses protect your eyes from screen glare?

Computer eyeglasses comprise an anti-reflective coating/tint which is effective in blocking the harmful blue light radiated through screens. The use of these glasses helps reduce eye strain. They are either prescribed by the doctor or you can also buy without a prescription.

You will find different types of computer glasses that come with a special anti-reflective coating (tinting) which restricts the glare. These glasses reduce problems like migraine, headache occurred due to excessive use of a computer.

Readers’ glasses

In case you face difficulty in reading print books or feel your eyes are tired after reading for a while, the readers’ glasses are the best option for you.


The computer eyeglasses protect your eyes from the glare of your screen. On the other hand, the reading glasses magnify the print to help your eyes read it without any difficulty.

Constant eye strain on eyes can lead to watery and itchy eyes. Sometimes it develops into headaches and migraines too. So, make sure you do not compromise on buying the right glasses.

Reading glasses for kids, women or men are glasses you purchase after your doctor prescribes you. These glasses are required when you are suffering from astigmatism or any other eye problems.

When it comes to Person to Person, they have lenses of different magnification strengths. You need to figure out the one that suits you. The readers’ glasses do not have any special coating so they do not protect your eyes from the glare of your computer screen.

In case you buy reading glasses, you also get it with an anti-reflective coating to be used for computers.

Comparison between Computer Glasses and Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses

Well, you cannot use computer glasses to read or use reading glasses while working on the computer. The reason is that the computer screen is at a distance of several inches whereas when you read a book you hold it quite closely.

Also, the computer screen throws out blue light. So, using a computer and reading a book are two different things and need glasses suitable for respective environments.

Select Blue blocking tint for an enjoyable experience

While you decide to select prescription glasses, you can go with the one that comprises of blue-blocking tint. It will help you have an enjoyable experience while working on your computer.

On the other hand, such reading glasses for computer help you beat the eye strain while reading a book or any document.

Factors that determine the type of glass you should purchase

The very first thing is to have an eye test and it is a very important factor that determines the right pair of glasses for you.

An eye test will help you find out if you have any other eye issues and ensure the correct magnification you may need.

Computer Glasses & Readers - Which one you need?

If you want to pick the best glasses and want to identify the right type then ask the below questions to decide whether you need reading glasses or computer glasses?

While reading I

  • Choose my tablet or Kindle
  • Prefer to read a print book
  • Try to avoid working/reading on the electronic device due to screen glare
  • Both of the above

I experienced tired eyes issue when

  1. Using my computer.
  2. Reading books.
  3. Prefer to read in bright light or outdoors.
  4. Both.

Tired, watery, itchy eyes while  

  1. Working on a computer even for a short duration.
  2. Reading a book for some time.
  3. Already in bright light.
  4. Both.

Difficult to concentrate when

  1. Working on the computer screen.
  2. Reading words on a particular page.
  3. Any of the above situations bother me because of the lights.
  4. Both.
Suffer from migraine/ headaches while working on the computer or reading the book.
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