How to buy Glasses for Sports person

If you happen to be an avid Sports Person (or a wanna-be …no judgement made here!) then you know that the combined toll of the sun from above and the sun reflecting off the water can really do some damage. 

 You need to know how to select sunglasses for surfers so that you can properly protect your eyes.  This is a very serious matter and really needs to be addressed -any kind of water sport that you participate in regularly can be extremely harmful to your eyes.  Have fun, get the best experience, look cool, but always be safe and cover your eyes with quality sunglasses to give relief to the eyes and also provides a better experience of surfing.  We’ll show some examples and then give you some tips about selecting the right sunglasses.

How to Select Sunglasses for Sports

1. Always look for the Protection label and buy the sunglasses with 99 or 100 per cent UV protection.
2. Look for the sunglasses that are close-fitting and are wrap-around to help prevent UV rays from getting in through the sides and top of the frames.
3. Price is not that important! The bottom line: look at UV protection. The higher price just means you are getting a good frame style as well as cool glasses or more expensive metal frames. Cheaper plastic frames actually last longer.
4. Don’t go by colour or darkness of the lens. The outer coating (which is clear) only filters out the UV rays and not the colour. The colour does provide some comfort and relief but without a UV protection coating, the darker colours actually fool your eyes into opening up more and let in more harmful rays of the sun.


As with anything, habit is the key. When you know how to select sunglasses for surfers or for any kind of water sport that you and your family are involved in, the next step is to be sure you always have your sunglasses on to protect your eyes.  It’s even a good idea to get your children in the habit by getting them sunglasses and encouraging them to wear them every time they are outside with you. Be active, be bold and be smart! Take care of your eyes!

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