How to Buy Sunglasses Online

Hi. Here is how to find the right pair of eyeglasses for you, a friend or family member and how to order them!.

First, here are a couple of tips that will save you a lot of time and trouble, and make the ordering process as easy as possible at Before you start looking for frames, you will need to know these things first:

- Your PD and that ís your pupillary distance, the measurement of the center of one pupil to the center of the other, in millimeters and what size frame will fit you well. OK, so you have got PD measurement and your frame dimensions.

Now we are ready to start looking at frames. It could depend on what are your personal or professional needs like if you are a basketball player and you need a pair that you can wear on the court obviously you're going to want something it's a wrap-around it's got the special band if you're participating in sports you're gonna have special requirements but if you're in business you want to have something understand the glasses, do send a message they do make you look smarter but they can also be an outlet for creativity so if you work in a creative agency having glasses that have a little bit of color to them can be something that can add a bit you know but it's your personality. 

- Click on the appropriate category. See the frames on the page? Just under the picture of a frame, there are color bars to tell you what color or colors the frame comes in. 

- Click on a color bar, and you will see the glasses change color. Pretty neat, huh? Now, let`s say you like a frame and want to see if it fits. If you move your cursor over a picture of a frame, you will see that the picture pops up a bit and enlarges. So you can Refine Your Search! Now you have got your frame, and you are ready to order!

- Click on the Order Glasses button. That takes you to the ORDER YOUR GLASSES PAGE! You can double-check the color you want, and you can change the color here if another color is available.

­- Most stores will let you "try on" the various frames if you upload a photo of your face. Now it ís time to fill out the first section, the prescription! First, select the prescription type. Let us focus on a single vision. Pick the relevant number on our drop-down windows that match the number on your prescription. Remember, if it calls for plus or minus on the prescription, select the matching polarity plus or minus on our drop-down windows. 

- The biggest mistake customers make when ordering their eyeglasses is entering the wrong polarity: plus when the prescription calls for minus or vice versa. Now you have got your prescription all selected. 

- Then enter your PD, single or dual. If you want to save your prescription to your account, you can name the prescription, something like My progressive prescription or Johnny`s reading glasses. 

- Select the date of the prescription and when you want to be reminded to get your eyes checked again. We recommend getting a new eye exam every two years.

- Now you are ready to click the next box to move on to the next section, section number two: Your lenses! Once our website reads your prescription, it will recommend the best lens for your glasses. This lens will be selected, with the button to the left-clicked in blue, and to the right of the lens index and description, the words Recommended for your prescription, written in green. The default selection here is No Lens Tint.

- Leave that box clicked, and your glasses will be clear. But if you want a tint, click in one of the two boxes underneath, Standard Lens Tint or Gradient Lens Tint. A standard tint is the same tint darkness throughout the lens. A gradient tint is darker at the top of the lens, getting progressively lighter towards the bottom. You will see the colors we have available, and for the standard tint, the tint darkness options. Now we have some other tint options. Those are polarized sunglasses and photochromic lenses. You can see those when you click the box next to I WANT TO USE. 

- Polarized sunglasses, at the top of the list, are permanently tinted lenses. They don`t change color. Photochromic lenses turn dark out in the bright sunlight and become clear again when you come back indoors or are in the shade. Or when you are in a car, because the car windshield ís UV protection prevents the photochromic process from working. Have you picked your tint? Or decided you don`t want a tint?

- Great, then let`s click NEXT and move to the next and last order section. Section number three: ADD-ONS! These are anti-reflective coatings and clip-on sunshades. Select the anti-reflective coating you`d like, or don`t get one. It`s up to you. However, we recommend getting an anti-reflective coating. It`s really good for reducing glare and improving night vision. 

- Finally, some of our frames can be personalized you can put words on the inside and outside of the temple arm, and one of many picture choices on the outside of the temple arm. 

Here is a tip: If you choose personalization, and you've selected your text, your text color and font, and your art, and you try to add the glasses to your cart and get an error message, make sure youíve clicked the box next to where it says, I HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD, AND AGREE TO THE COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARK TERMS STATED HEREIN. With all of those items clicked, you will be able to add the glasses to your cart! 

Now you should see all the items in your cart. If there is something there you don`t want, click the little x next to remove. If you want to change something, click edit, and you`ll be taken back to the ORDER YOUR EYEGLASSES page, where you can change whatever you`d like. If you have a promo code, this is where you enter it. Now, if everything is the way you want it, click CHECKOUT!

Instructions box where you can enter your special instructions. We`ve got several ways you can pay for your glasses. You can use a gift card, store credit from us, a major credit card, or PayPal. Here you can review the order before you place it. Now you are ready to place your order. 

Click this box to confirm that you agree to our terms and conditions. And then click one of these buttons to let us know whether you want us to start making the eyeglasses right away. Then go ahead and place your order. Take note of the order confirmation number for further details like shipping tracking, etc.

Check the return policies also if in case you don`t find the product good or it does not fit you, etc.

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