Latest Eyewear Trends

I think we're in a bit of a golden age really of eyewear, there are some really nice lines between two frames nowadays. Gone are the days when people don`t care about the looks and frames of the glasses, whether they look good with them or not. Now people are more concerned with their looks and eyeglasses or sunglasses also impacts a lot to your look.

The eyewear trends which are very common and popular nowadays are like the ladies' frames are very feminine and gents frames are very strong. We've seen in rural shifts too, in optical frames from heavier frames into slimmer frames so this takes two variants we've seen super thin acetate and we've also seen a big shift towards metal frames. Aviators, retro, and minimalism. It's been really really big what we're also seeing, of course, is a continuation of the very light fine lightweight metals so you know that aviator classic style but with a twist i.e. with an added material sometimes a slight change in shape or you know the bars being changed at the top of the frame mid-weight acetate, of course, has sort of moved on. They're now very lightweight acetate or taking more fashion-forward it's going a bit heavier a big trend coming stories about the nineties narrow for sure it's kind of like in there are slimmer frames that's clear.

Nowadays people are also loving to wear lightweight eyeglasses which are blue light blockers also and hence cause no eye strains.

The sunglasses fashion is also is in the right path as a lot of verity specs are loved by people like the cat eye glasses, tortoiseshell glasses, vintage sunglasses, retro sunnies, toned glasses, mirrored sunglasses, colored frames or glasses with white, orange, red, etc and many more.

I think we will probably be more prevalent for more logo plaques and we're sort of seeing then the logo of the eyeglasses rather than the products. We've seen more mixed metals with acetate and we're seeing the advent of the double bar optical is becoming a statement business. It's a very positive way to express who you are and color the neutrals will always be around. We always say a good flow through from Pantone color of the year so baby pinks and baby blues and then purple coral pink is huge. This year it's Pantone color of the year greens and blues will also, be strong this year we've got a coral sort of color so I expect to see more reds coming through in all different collections. So it's not just single color it's going to be contrasting the colors within the frame. Generally darker colors like dark brown, black color palate or eyewear is always really difficult fundamentally people look particularly in the UK for conservatism so we consistently see black for Maine although for women there is vibrant seeing color and we sing some more Grey's coming through and we're seeing some Lovett's and we're seeing some Purple's we predict that we're gonna see a lot more metal. This year titanium is going to come into its own. Really it's a quality material key materials are constantly in eyewear production is always metal and although we are seeing some lighter models coming through the metal frames are trending this year particularly around metal frames. I think everybody's saying metal is coming back and it is a big-time but they still, have a huge demand for acetates as well but a thinner acetate rather than very heavy.

So in today`s world, you have a wide range of options for you to choose from, no matter what your preference is. So don`t think much and grab an awesome pair of glasses and rule the sunglasses fashion.

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